Jerry Jordahl

It started with the first call. I had called another national firm and was placed on indefinite hold. I then call Safepro and the phone was answered on the 3rd ring. The person was very pleasant and was from accounting but took all my information and then xfer’d me to my rep immediately Anthony. Likewise, he was very friendly and helpful and answered all my questions promptly. He then worked directly with my insurance to get it all covered and followed up with me with all the details. I was VERY impressed by the entire company and will not hesitate to refer Safepro to others. I like that it’s local, friendly, and prompt.
The only negatives I wish to comment on is that I was not home when the replacement person installed the new glass. There was tape holding the windshield in place but no note of indication as to how long I needed to keep the tape on. A quick note or even writing on the tape with that info would have been helpful. One other thing is the sticker left inside with your # and message or free chip replacements. I do not like those stickers and it won’t come off. I had to use a razor and solvent remover to get it off. I’d suggest asking the customer if they would like the sticker added before just adding it.
But overall, it was a great experience. Thank You

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