Zachary Landis

I spoke with a few associates on the phone when setting up a time to have my windshield replaced, and as far as their customer service level it was quite refreshing and I was pleased that they were able to work with me on the pricing. They took payment over the phone which made me leery as I don’t like to pay for services before I receive them; also when it came to the actual replacement date, I was given an 8:00AM-1:00PM time-slot and after 1:07PM I called to find out if they forgot about my appointment. The service agent I spoke with on the phone apologized and told me that my windshield repair tech was 15min away and would arrive to complete my order. I waited an additional 45+min and they finally arrived. They did work quickly but I was dissatisfied with being told incorrect information twice. Would I recommend them to a friend? Perhaps but it would be at their own risk.

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