Colleen Boschee

Hey Raphael –

My name is Colleen Boschee and I had your company install a windshield for me. Your office was awesome. The tech came and he was nice but I found out 3 weeks later that he did a horrible job.

Three weeks after install, I got a rock chip right in my drivers view. The windshield needed to be replaced. The after market windshield installed was the bottom of the barrel and that chip most likely would not have happened if the glass was stronger. Then, when the windshield was removed, I found and saw for myself that there was absolutely no glue on the entire bottom section of the windshield. Only the top and sides were glued so eventually that windshield would of failed and I sure would have been very unhappy if it happened while I was driving.

I feel you need to be aware of this and pass on the info so no other customer needs to go through the upset that I did.

Thank you,

Colleen Boschee

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