Sheri Pena

Hi Sheri

I couldn’t find your email on, so I get in touch with you here.

As we had talked, here is the link to download

… and the books list:

Millionaire Traders How Everyday people are beating Wall Street at its own game.pdf
Mutual Fund Industry Handbook, A Comprehensive Guide for Investment Professionals.pdf
Naked Forex High-Probability Techniques for Trading Without Indicators -Wiley Trading.pdf
Options And Options Trading A Simplified Course.pdf
Options Essential Concepts and Trading Strategies.pdf
Narconomics How to Run a Drug Cartel – Tom Wainwright (2016).pdf
New Trading Dimensions – How To Profit From Chaos In Stocks, Bonds, And Commodities.pdf
S A Mccrary – Hedge Fund Course.pdf
Secrets For Profiting In Bull And Bear Markets.pdf
Rubinstein Mark – Rubinstein on Derivatives.pdf
Robert Slater – Soros Unauthorized Biography.pdf
Ross Westerfield Jaffe • Corporate Finance. Vol. I.pdf
Stephen W Bigalow-Big Profit Patterns Using Candlestick Signals And Gaps.pdf
Stock Market Cycles.pdf
Stock Market Rules – 50 of the Most Widely Held Investment Axioms Explained, Examined, and Exposed.2005.pdf
Stevie Nison – Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques.pdf
Steve Nison-JapaneseCandlestickChartingTechniques.pdf
Steve NisonCurtis Faith – Way of the Turtle.pdf
Pick Stocks Like Warren Buffett.pdf
Profit With Options Essential Methods For Investing Success – Wiley.pdf
Perry Kaufman – Trading Systems & Methods.pdf
Pattern Cycles – Mastering Short-Term Trading With Technical Analysis (Traders’ Lib.pdf
Perry Kaufman – Smarter Trading.pdf
Protecting Your Wealth In Good Times And Bad.pdf
Richard Smitten – Trade Like Jesse Livermore (2005).pdf
Robert Fisher – Fibonacci Applications And Strategies For Traders.pdf
RICHARD L. WEISSMAN – Mechanical Trading Systems.pdf
Real Options In Practice.pdf
reminiscences of a stock operator – edwin lefevre.pdf
Inside Volatility Arbitrage.pdf
Introduction to Statistical Pattern Recognition- Keinosuke Fukunaga.pdf
Hw Brands – Masters Of Enterprise.pdf
Hrishikesh D Vinod – Preparing For The Worst.pdf
Hull-Options Futures And Other Derivative Securities 5Th Ed.pdf
Introduction to the Mathematics of Finance.pdf
Invisible Money.pdf
J R Hedges Iv – Hedges On Hedge Funds – How To Successfully Analyze And Select An Investment.pdf
Investing Strategies for the High Net-Worth Investor.pdf
Investment Psychology Explained Classic Strategies To Beat The Markets.pdf
Hill Arthur – Introduction to Candlesticks.pdf
How I Made 2 Million In The Stock Market.pdf
Hedges On Hedge Funds How To Successfully Analyze.pdf
How i trade living.pdf
How To Use The Rsi.pdf
How To Make Money In Stocks-forex.pdf
How to Access and Trade the Worlds Biggest Market.pdf
How to Develop and Implement a Winning Trading System.pdf
Joe Ross- Trading Futures By The Book.pdf
John Allen Paulos – Mathematician Plays The Stock Market.pdf
Joe Ross – Trading The Ross Hook.pdf
Joe Ross – Trading Manual.pdf
Joe Ross – Trading Spreads And Seasonals.pdf
John Bollinger – Bollinger On Bollinger Band.pdf
Long Term Secrets to Short-Term Trading.pdf
John J Murphy – Intermarket Technical Analysis – Trading Strategies.pdf
John J.Murphy – Technical Analysis Of The Financial Markets.pdf
Jaeckel P. Monte-Carlo methods in finance.pdf
Jake Bernstein – How To Trade The New Single Stock Futures.pdf
Jack Schwager – Stock Market Wizards.pdf
J R Hill G Pruitt And L Hill – The Ultimate Trading Guide.pdf
Jack Schwager – Guide To Winning With Automated Trading Systems.pdf
Jake Bernstein – Market Masters.pdf
Jake Bernstein – Trade Your Way To Riches.pdf
Jake Bernstein – The Compleat Day Trader Vol 2.pdf
Jake Bernstein – No Bull Investing.pdf
Jake Bernstein – The Compleat Day Trader Vol 1.pdf
Stock Patterns For Day Trading And Swing Trading.pdf
Trading-Stochastic Dominance – Investment Decision Making under Uncertainty.pdf
Trading-Investment Fables – Exposing the Myths of Cant Miss Investment Strategies.pdf
Trading-Financial Engineering and Arbitrage in the Financial Markets.pdf
Trading-Investing in Insurance Risk.pdf
Understanding Spreads.pdf
Treasury Of Investment Wisdom 30 Great Investing Minds.pdf
Trend Forecasting With Technical Analysis.pdf
Timing the Market – How to Profit in the Stock Market Using the Yield Curve, Technical Analysis, and Cultural Indicators.pdf
Tom Dorseys Trading Tips – A Playbook for Stock Market Success.pdf
Thomas N. Bulkowski-Encyclopedia Of Chart Patterns.pdf
Tony Oz – How I Make A Living Trading Stocks.pdf
Trading on Momentum Advanced Techniques for High Percentage Day Trading – McGraw Hill.pdf
Trading Options using Bollinger Bands And Cci.pdf
Trading in the Zone.pdf
Trading As A Business.pdf
Wyser-Pratte, Guy – Risk Arbitrage.pdf
Williams Larry – Trade Stocks and Commodities With the Insiders.pdf
When Buy Means Sell – Mcgraw Hill.pdf
Williams – Undeclared Stockmarket Secrets.pdf
You Can Choose To Be Rich Workbook by Robert T. Kiyosaki.pdf
Value in Time. Pascal Willain.pdf
Trend Trading by Daryl Guppy.pdf
Walker, Myles Wilson – How To Indentify High-Profit Elliott Wave Trades in Real Time.pdf
Wayne A. Thorp – Analyzing Supply & Demand Using Point & Figure Charts.pdf
Value in Time Better Trading through Ef – Pascal Willain.pdf
Understanding Stock Options.pdf
Using Options To Buy Stocks – Build Wealth With Little Risk And No Capital.pdf
Wayne A. Thorp – Measuring Internal Strength – Wilders RSI Indicator.pdf
Wayne A. Thorp – Testing Trading Success.pdf
Wayne A. Thorp – When to Buy & Sell Using the Stochastic Oscillator.pdf
Wayne A. Thorp – Technical Analysis.pdf
Wayne A. Thorp – Point & Figure Charts Revisited.pdf
Wayne A. Thorp – Screening For Momentum Stocks.pdf
The Art of Cashing in on a Shaky Market in Minutes a Day.pdf
The Best Trendline Methods Of Alan Andrews & 5 New Trendline Techniques.pdf
The 5 Day Momentum Method.pdf
The 25% Cash Machine Double Digit Income Investing.pdf
The Billion Dollar Mistake Learning the Art of Investing Through the Missteps of Legendary Investors.pdf
The Disciplined Trader-Developing Winning Attitudes.pdf
The Five Rules For Successful Stock Investing.pdf
The Dick Davis Dividend Straight Talk on Making Money from 40 Years on Wall Street.pdf
The Candlestick Course – Steve Nison.pdf
The Complete TurtleTrader – The Legend, the Lessons, the Results.pdf
Street Smarts-Laurence Connors.pdf
Streetsmart Guide To Valuing A Stock.pdf
Stocks & Commodities – SecureFractionalMoneyManagement.pdf
Stock Traders Almanac 2005.pdf
Stocks & Commodities – Hidden Divergence by Barbara Star.pdf
Study Guide For Come Into My Trading Room – A Complete Guide To Trading.pdf
Technical Analysis of the Currency Market.pdf
Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets A Comprehensive Guide to Trading.pdf
Tarantino, Cernauskas – Management in Finance.pdf
The Psychology Of Mastering The Markets.pdf
The Richest Man In Babylon.pdf
The Proven Framework for Finding the Best Value Investments .pdf
The Options Edge Winning The Volatility Game With Options On Futures – Mcgraw Hill.pdf
The Permanent Portfolio- Harry Browne- Rowland Lawson.pdf
The Superstock Investor – Profiting From Wall Streets Best Undervalued Companies.pdf
The Way To Trade.pdf
The Truth About Day Trading.pdf
The Warren Buffett Way.pdf
The Intraday Patterns Of The Spread And Depth In A Market Without Market Makers – .pdf
The Little Book of Sideways Markets.pdf
The Importance of Risk Management in Mutual Fund Investing.pdf
The Four Biggest Mistakes In Futures Trading.pdf
The Hedge Fund Compliance and Risk Management Guide.pdf
The Mathematics Of Financial Derivatives.pdf
The Option Course With Exercise.pdf
The Option Trader Handbook – Strategies And Trade Adjustments.[2004.Isbn0471567078].pdf
The New Reality Of Wall Street.pdf
The Micro Cap Investor – Strategies For Making Big Returns In Small Companies.pdf
The New Market Wizards.pdf
Hedge Fund Market Wizards.pdf
Technical Analysis of Stock Trends.pdf
Technical Analysis of the Financial Market – Murphy, John J.pdf
Sniper Trading Workbook. George Angell.pdf
Swing Trading with Options How – Ivaylo Ivanov.pdf
Techniques of Tape Reading. Graifer Schumacher.pdf
The 4 Hour Workweek. Timothy Ferris.pdf
Technically Speaking – Tips and Strategies from 16 Top Traders. Chris Wilkinson.pdf
Portfolio Management. Ralph Vince.pdf
Options, futures and other derivatives 6th Ed. John C Hull.pdf
Options- Is There Money to be Made Investing in Options A Historical Perspective.pdf
principles of corporate finance – 10th edition (brealey-myers-allen).pdf
Sheldon Natenberg – – Option Volatility and Pricing Advanced Trading Strategies and Techniques, 2nd Edition.pdf
Smarter Trading. Perry J Kaufman.pdf
Security Analysis. Benjamin Graham David Dodd.pdf
Quantitative Trading. Ernest P Chan.pdf
Reading price charts bar by bar. Al Brooks.pdf
Trading In The Zone. Mark Douglas.pdf
Trading Options As a Professional. James B Bittman.pdf
Trade Like Jesse Livermore – Richard Smitten.pdf
The Three Skills of Top Trading Behavioral Systems Building, Pattern Recognition, and Mental State Management.pdf
Trading Options at Expiration. Jeff Augen.pdf
How to Make Money Shorting Stocks in Up and Down Markets.pdf
New Era Value Investing – A Disciplined Approach To Buying Value And Growth Stocks.pdf
Forex Trading Course.pdf
Trading Spreads And Seasonals. Joe Ross.pdf
Currency Strategy A Practitioner’s Guide to Currency Trading, Hedging and Forecasting .pdf
The Little Book of Common Sense Investing. John C. Bogle.pdf
The Little Book That Beats the Market. Joel Greenblat.pdf
The hedge fund edge. Mark Boucher.pdf
The Daily Trading Coach. Brett N Steenbarger.pdf
The Five Rules For Successful Stock Investing. P Dorsey.pdf
The Millionaire Next Door.pdf
The Secret Of Selecting Stocks For Immediate And Substantial Gains. Larry Williams.pdf
The Theory of Gambling and Statistical Logic. Richard A Epstein.pdf
The Original Turtle Trading Rules.pdf
The New Options Market. Max Ansbacher.pdf
The Options Course – High Profit Low Stress Trading Methods. George Fontanills.pdf
Fooled by Randomness. N Taleb.pdf
Exit Strategies for Covered Cal – Alan Ellman.pdf
Erik Kobayashi-Solomon – The Intelligent Option Investor- Applying Value Investing to the World of Options.pdf
Guy Cohen – The Bible of Options Strategies (Prentice Hall-.pdf
Intelligent Futures Trading. Chick Goslin.pdf
Intermarket Technical Analysis. John J Murphy.pdf
Inside the house of money. Steven Drobny.pdf
High Probablity Trading Strategies. Robert C Miner.pdf
How to Swing Trade – Pezim, Brian.pdf
ADXcellence Power Trend Strategies. Charles Schaap.pdf
A random walk down Wall Street. Burton G Malkiel.pdf
01-A Color-Based System For Short-Term Trading.pdf
9.- Introduction to Options.pdf
Come Into My Trading Room. Alexander Elder.pdf
el libro blanco del trading.pdf
Day Trading Options – Jeff Augen.pdf
Contrarian Investment Strategies. David Dreman.pdf
Money Management. Ryan Jones.pdf
Norman G. Fosback – Stock Market Logic A Sophisticated Approach to Profits on Wall Street-Dearborn Financial Publishing, Inc. (1991).pdf
Options Made Easy Your Guide t – Guy Cohen.pdf
Options Markets. Cox Rubinstein (1985).pdf
Options – Using Options To Buy Stocks – Build Wealth With Little Risk And No Capital.pdf
Option Volatility and Pricing. Sheldon Natenberg.pdf
Options – Stock Returns during Option Expiration Weeks and the Option-Stock Volume Ratio.pdf
Jack Schwager. Market Wizards.pdf
Jack Schwager. Stock Market Wizards.pdf
Jack Schwager – The New Market Wizards.pdf
Investments, 5th Ed, Vol I. Bodie,Kane,Marcus.pdf
Investments, 5th Ed, Vol II. Bodie,Kane,Marcus.pdf
John Murphy – Chart Pattern Recognition for Metastock.pdf
Mathematics Of Money Management. Ralph Vince.pdf
Long-Term Secrets To Short-Term Trading. Larry Williams.pdf
Margin of Safety. Seth A Klarman.pdf
Stock Market Strategies That Work.pdf
Douglas Hubbard – The Failure of Risk Management.pdf
Divorcing the Dow – Using Revolutionary Market Indicators to Profit From the Stealth Boom Ahead.pdf
Developing A Trading System Combining Rsi & Bollinger Bands.pdf
Elder Alexander – Entries & Exits Study Guide.pdf
Encyclopedia Of Trading Strategies.pdf
Elder Alexander – Trading For A Living.pdf
Elliott Waves Principle.pdf
Crash Profits Make Money When Stocks Sink And Soar Martin Weiss.pdf
Credit Repair-Nolo Press.pdf
Come Into My Trading Room – Elder Alexander.pdf
Chande, Tushar – Technical Analysis – How To Develop And Imp.pdf
Currency Strategy A Practitioner’s Guide To Currency Trading, Hedging And Forecasting.pdf
Day Trading for Dummies.pdf
Deborah Owen – MappingtheMarkets.pdf
Day trading & Swing trading the currency markets-Kathy Lien.pdf
Currency Trading For Dummies- Brian Dolan.pdf
David Dreman – Contrarian Investment Strategies – The Next Generation.pdf
Goldman Sachs-Fixed Income Research.pdf
Getting An Investing Game Plan – Creating It Working It Winning It.pdf
Greg Morris – Candlestick Charting Explained.pdf
Harry D Schultz – Bear Market Investing Strategies.pdf
Hedge Fund Alpha.pdf
Handbook for small business.pdf
Guy Cohen The Bible of Options Strategies.pdf
Handbook For Investment Committee Members.pdf
Follow the Fed to Investment Success – The Effortless Strategy for Beating Wall Street – 2008.John Wiley & Sons.pdf
Finance – Option Trading – Najarian – How I Trade Options.pdf
Fibonacci Ratios with Pattern Recognition.pdf
Fibonacci Trading – How to Master the Time and Price Advantage by Carolyn Boroden.pdf
Frank Fabozzi – The Handbook of Commodity Investing.pdf
George Pruitt-BuildingWinningTradingSystemsWithTradestation.pdf
Gerald Appel – Technical Analysis.pdf
George Fontanills – The Options Course – High Profit Low Stress Trading Methods.pdf
George Alexander MacLean – FibonacciandGannApplications.pdf
George Angell – Sniper Trading Workbook.pdf
3 Swing Trading Examples, With Charts, Instructions, And Definitions To Get You Sta.pdf
25 rules of trading.pdf
18 Trading Champions Share Their Keys To Top Trading Profits.pdf
A Realistic And Effective Strategy For Using Candlestick.pdf
A Short Course in Technical Trading.PDF
A Mehanical Trading System Tom Joseph.pdf
7 Habits Of A Higly Sucsessfull Trader.pdf
10 Minute Guide To Investing In Stocks.pdf
101 Money Secrets by Blue Dolphin Group.pdf
The Option Traders Guide To Probabilit Volatility And Timing.pdf
Strategy, Value And Risk-The Real Options Approach.pdf
The MACD A Combo of Indicators for the Best of Both Worlds.pdf
101 Option Trading Secrets – Kenneth.R.Trester.pdf
17 Money Making Candle Formations.pdf
17 Money Making Candlestick Formations.pdf
123 Trading Signal.pdf
BOLLINGER John A. CFA CMT – Market Master.pdf
Bollinger on Bollinger Bands.pdf
Bloomberg Financial – Visual Guide to He – Wilson, Richard C..pdf
Big Profit Patterns Using Candlestick Signals and Gaps-2.pdf
Candlesticks Fibonacci and Chart Pattern Trading Tools.pdf
Chande Kroll – The New Technical Trader.pdf
C. LeBeau & D. W Lucas – Day Trading Systems & Methods.pdf
Buy and Hold Is Dead.pdf
Alan Farley – The Master Swing Trader.pdf
Achelis Steven – Technical Analysis From A To Z.pdf
A Theory Of Intraday Patterns – Volume And Price Variability.pdf
An Empirical Analysis Of Stock And Bond Market Liquidity.pdf
Benjamin Graham – The Intelligent Investor – The Definitive Book On Value Investing.pdf
Andrew Willis – The Insiders Guide to Trading the World Stock Markets.pdf
Andrews, Scott – Understanding Gaps.pdf
Padre rico, padre pobre. R Kiyosaki.pdf
Piense y Hágase Rico napoleonhill.pdf
Psicologia del mercado bursatil. Lars Tvede.pdf
Más allá de las velas. Steve Nison.pdf
Options – Estrategias especulativas utilizando opciones.pdf
Options – Opciones Financieras y Productos Estructurados.pdf
Quien se ha llevado mi queso.pdf
Un paso por delante de la bolsa (One up on Wall Street). Peter Lynch.pdf
Valoracion de Empresas y Sentido Común. Completo.pdf
Vivir del Trading – Alexander Elder.pdf
Recuerdos de un Operador de Acciones – Jesse Livermore.pdf
Recuerdos de un Operador de Acciones. Jesse Livermore.pdf
sun tzu – el arte de la guerra.pdf
Los secretos para ganar dinero en los mercados alcistas y bajistas. stan weinstein.pdf
El Cisne Negro. Nassim Taleb.pdf
El cuadrante flujo del dinero. R Kiyosaki.pdf
El Fabuloso Mundo Del Dinero Y La Bolsa. André Kostolany.pdf
Analisis Tecnico de los Mercados Financieros – John Murphy.pdf
Como mentir con estadisticas. Huff Geis.pdf
Delirios Populares Extraordinarios y la Locuras de las Masas. Charles Mackay.pdf
El hombre más rico de Babilonia.pdf
Estrategia bursatil. André Kostolany.pdf
Los 7 hábitos de la gente altamente efectiva. Stephen R. Covey.pdf
Los Mercados De Futuros Y Opciones –

Jeanne Schulze

The Customer Service on the phone was excellent for the most part, especially on my initial call dealing with Alex. My service window was 10a-2p. The tech was two hours late; the lack of communication was a little frustrating. I had to make a couple of calls to Dispatch to track him down. I guess the glass had broken and the tech had to go pick up a new windshield. Was supposed to be 1.5 hrs out. Finally heard from him after 2hrs. He was finished with the glass at 440p – 20min before I was off work. I wanted the glass to set for a few hours before I moved my car. He left dirty fingerprints on the windshield post trim inside and on the headliner. Part of the top windshield molding is wavey/warped, not flat/flush. He said it would flatten out as the molding was curled up in a hasn’t flattened. Pretty disappointed in the experience after all the excellent reviews I saw online.

Elijah M Marshall

The technician did not show up for two scheduled appointments. No one contacted me. I had to call to find out what was going on. The windshield looked good after it was finally replaced.

Rebecca Vogt

I was in a time crunch to get windshield replaced due to out of town trip. I was assured an appointment by 3pm, but message was not given to technician, so replacement happened 1 1/2 hours late. Customer service reps were kind and apologetic.

Elena Constantin

When I first had made an apt I made it clear that it needed to be done only on the day scheduled. I had made the apt around 930am and was told I would hear about a closer eta around 12pm. By 530pm I was extremely upset by still not hearing from anyone and when I called they were still at another job and was told they could make it the next day. They finally showed up after 6pm when it had already been getting dark. They had to turn the van around to use the headlights to see. I was dissatisfied because I drive a 2011 Audi and do not deserve a crappy job especially when making my apt earlier that morning and stating it was the only day I had. I believe there should have been way better communication through out the day.

Mark jendro

They took care of the job although it wasn’t done right the first time which was frustrating and difficult due to the fact her I’m on the road a lot

Jason Bruckal

They put a cheap sticker on my window and it just fell apart when I tried to take it off. Brand new windshield and all I see now when I’m driving is a huge smudge in my line of site. not a good impression

William Smith

After replacement-loud noise from windshield at higher speeds-had to drive 100 miles that pm. Thanks to Al, who stopped by on his way home from work, problem solved. Al is a real plus for your company.