Jeanne Schulze

The Customer Service on the phone was excellent for the most part, especially on my initial call dealing with Alex. My service window was 10a-2p. The tech was two hours late; the lack of communication was a little frustrating. I had to make a couple of calls to Dispatch to track him down. I guess the glass had broken and the tech had to go pick up a new windshield. Was supposed to be 1.5 hrs out. Finally heard from him after 2hrs. He was finished with the glass at 440p – 20min before I was off work. I wanted the glass to set for a few hours before I moved my car. He left dirty fingerprints on the windshield post trim inside and on the headliner. Part of the top windshield molding is wavey/warped, not flat/flush. He said it would flatten out as the molding was curled up in a hasn’t flattened. Pretty disappointed in the experience after all the excellent reviews I saw online.

Heather Nelson

Originally I was going to go with Safelight because my daughters dad works there, and I always like to support businesses that support my family. I’m so happy they told me to call around for quotes so they could price match any lower price I found. I worked with Alex on the phone, and Chris was my installation tech. I’ll start with the phone experience first. If I could put the hold time on a CD and listen to it all the time, I would. It was hilarious. I was sitting on the phone hoping Alex wouldn’t come back on the line so I could listen to more. I had my left quarter glass and windshield replaced. Originally I was quoted $385 through Safelight, and Alex saved me $100 just by switching. Given, I could have priced matched and went back to them, but it was the customer service that wouldn’t let me switch. He was attentive, he was actually HEARING me, and not listening just to reply. He had an amazing upbeat tone, it literally sounded like he was smiling on the phone! He was incredible. SOLD! He was even patient enough with me to let me run to the bank and put the cash in my account! He was such a gentleman! Now for the install. Chris came out to me, I had scheduled 2-5pm. Usually with this kind of window you can expect for them to get to you about halfway through your appointment, but I was the one who was actually late!! He was there getting ready to go at about 1:50-1:55 when I pulled into my driveway! I was so impressed. He was so personable, talked to me about cars, and did SUCH a wonderful job. Smiled the whole time even though it was a thousand degrees out and I’m sure he was extremely hot! We really didn’t have the money to even think about doing this, but as an early Christmas present, and an awesome price adjustment from Chris I went for it. Windshield replacement is one of the last things I have on my to-do list before I can take my car to level II inspection so I can get it registered. I’m so happy I didn’t listen to anyone else and I listened to myself and worked with your business. I COULDN’T BE HAPPIER! Already took to facebook and posted how impressed I am! I won’t EVER EVER EVER go with another glass company! THANK YOU GUYS!!!!

David Ochs

Service ordering process was easy. Technician was prompt and well qualified. New windscreen looks great.

Edward Thornton

Service person arrived promptly after calling to verify address. Did the installation efficiently and quickly. Did a very good job and was very courteous.

Traci VanAllen

I was dealing with Alex Murray and was very pleased with the service. The replacement was not covered by insurance but he made the whole process very easy. I am so pleased with are experience that I am calling back to get two more of our vehicles worked on. The technician that can out was fast and very professional.