R. Guevarra

I went to get windshield replaced and the technician doing the work cracked the first windshield so they had to get another one. This resulted me in waiting two and a half hours to get my car back, a time that should have been an hour tops. I ended up missing an appointment because of this. The work was shoddy on the glass that was installed. There was glue coming out onto plastic moulding of my car. I pointed it out and the technician was supposed to come by on a specific day and time. He never came and I had waited almost three hours before I called and shared my frustration with their company and that me having to wait and miss my other obligations was unacceptable. The technician was sent immediately to take care of the problem, but again I missed an appointment because they had me waiting. I will continue to observe the work done on my car with the hopes there will be no more problems. This was the most unprofessional experience I have had dealing with a glass company. I went with them because I wanted to support a local family owned business but after missing other appointments because of lack of punctuality and shoddy work of technician, I will go to another company next time I have an issue with my windshield or other glass replacements.

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