Tim Whitmore

Scheduled an appointment for Sat. Called Friday to change location. Tech showed up at wrong location. Had to cancel tint appointment as you guys can’t do until Monday. Mistakes happen but this is simply not doing your job.

Jaime jerez

I spend an hour setting an appointment just find out it was given the wrong quote and just excused and sorry.. they even told me if I still wanted to book it ?

Miguel Moreno

Good morning,
My appointment was scheduled from 8:00am to 12:00pm. Apparently Michael called while he was on his way. I was away from my phone for a very short while. I called Michael back (480)980-2406 he said, “we gotta reschedule. Call the shop.” I respect his time but an 8:00am to 12:00pm spectrum is such a large time window. And for Michael to be so sort just added to my frustration…..the chip is important to repair so I don’t have to replace the whole windshield. Id hate to speculate that is the intention, in other words low priority.

Dan Fortune

2 canceled appointments by SafePro one because they defective windshields or that’s what was conveyed to me and the second cancelled appointment because a technician didn’t go to work. Finally almost 2 weeks later my winshield was replaced. I was promised a check but have yet to receive it my windshield was replaced 2 weeks ago. I did not recieve a call to see if I was satisfied with the service that was 2 weeks past due.

My comments will be relayed to my insurance company and will urge them to steer customers from your company since I have not heard from you nor has your company homered honered your “cash back” scam.

Melissa Almaraz

We contacted SafePro and scheduled the replacement of our glass on a new Toyota RAV4. David Graham was the sales rep who set everything up and after the insurance sent an inspector to check the glass we were all set for a replacement. We scheduled the time for the glass to be replaced and SafePro was not able to meet the deadline they provided of between 8-12. The installer was late, very late showing up at 2:45 and SafePro had been made aware well in advance that we had an appointment that afternoon and that the car needed to be done or we would schedule for another day. The glass was replaced on sight and was not cleaned after it was installed, I suspect this is due to the fact that the job was rushed from the installer being hours late. We were informed to listen for air leaks and look for water leaking into the cabin, it sounds like this happens often and may merit further investigation as a quality install would not be one that included air leaks & water ingress. We chose SafePro because of your reviews and the spiff that comes with having the glass replaced (spiff was never sent, we were told it would be the difference between what insurance paid for the glass).

That Friday afternoon we drove to Flagstaff and after an hour or so on the road the windshield camera cover fell and was caught hanging by the rear view, quite a scary thing to have happen while traveling at freeway speeds. We immediately tried to reach out to our sales consultant but alas no response. After spending an hour on the phone and being passed from one person to the next we were told that the SafePro in Flagstaff could accommodate fixing our issue which was blocking the view out of the windshield. When we reached our destination I was able to remove the cover and assess why the cover had fallen. As it turns out the lower 2 tabs had been broken. It is important to note that the wiring prevents this from being removed with the windshield so this cover was originally removed with the glass on the vehicle. The two lower mounting tabs had been broken off, what makes this so frustrating is that the installer broke the tabs and removed them from the vehicle then after replacing the glass tried to get the cover back on as a way to hide their error.

We then coordinated with Dana Newman who ensured us that they would get a new piece ordered on Monday to replace the piece that was broken, I followed up with her Monday and was told that the piece was ordered but was on backorder at Toyota so they would check weekly and update us but that the tentative arrival date was 4/24. No weekly updates came and on the 28th I reached out to Dana for an update, she did not respond. Then again on May 1 I contacted her again and she called to inform us that the piece was in and that they would have someone come install it to which we declined as the last installer damaged the vehicle and hid what they had done, not exactly a great way to build trust in the business. When we had spoke with Dana on the phone we had asked that this be ordered from BigTwo Toyota so that they could install it and check the camera for issues. Having just received the cover we will be making an appointment to have it installed and have the camera alignment checked. Lately the Safety Sense camera is picking up cars in the lane adjacent to the passenger side of the vehicle and noting them as in front of the vehicle and I suspect that the camera was not installed correctly when the glass was changed as this was not an issue prior.

Had this been one single issue then it would not have been a big deal, however the dishonesty, poor communication, and poor quality of work has driven me to write this email. I think that our experience could be used as an example of what not do in handling glass replacement as well as a training tool for installers on how to handle a situation where they damage a piece of a customer’s car. I hope that SafePro can in the future better serve their customers, after my experience with multiple individuals at the company I cannot in good faith recommend this business to any family or colleagues and based on my experience with SafePro will advise them to use another company. Our question to you Rex is would you as a customer have been happy with the way this transpired? The gentleman who dropped off the cover was very apologetic and seemed very honest and sincere in his approach to modeling the SafePro mission statement, he should be commended for modeling that behavior.

Erin Gort

The service I experienced from the glass guys that came to my home to do the work was surprising. Overall, I am extremely disappointed with their lack of professionalism. There was black glue leftover on the paint of the brand new car, the windshield wipers were going when I turned my car on and caused fluid to spray on the new glass, and the glass was both dirty on the inside and outside but I couldn’t clean it because I was told it needed to cure for 2 days. Additionally, they threw their squeezed up tubes of black glue in my yard. I was shocked when I found them laying in the rocks. I am so let down by the lack of service and professionalism from this company or the employees who provided the work that I felt like I should let you know. Because of this, I doubt I will be referring anyone to SafePro or Safelite. Please let me know if you have any questions.

James Padgett

Taylor decided he’d order a windshield different than what I had on the vehicle. This was not requested or authorized by me! The windshield is missing the tint, that it came with originally!!! Taylor even asked me if it had a tint, so it baffles me why he ordered one without a tint, without my permission,to have installed. Then the installer tried to lie saying I didn’t have a tiny on my windshield!

I wrote Taylor an email the day the windshield was installed to have the issue corrected… and it has now been a week without a response from him!

I’ve edited the review I had left on Google and will spread share my review across more sites as time passes if needed.

Who knows… I may even sue you guys for the cost of tinting my windshield if you don’t fix this problem Taylor created for your company!

Nicholas Allen

I have used SafePro 8 or 9 times this year and have not had a problem. I have referred several coworkers who also use the service regularly. This time was not a good experience. I was quoted 10-2 for the tech to come out. I had to call at 2 to see where he was. They told me he would be out at 3. He arrived at 3.30. Frustrating.

Nicholas Allen

I have used SafePro 8 or 9 times this year and have not had a problem. I have referred several coworkers who also use the service regularly. This time was not a good experience. I was quoted 10-2 for the tech to come out. I had to call at 2 to see where he was. They told me he would be out at 3. He arrived at 3.30. Frustrating.