Jamal mackey

Kirk.H was very helpful. Great customer service

Paul Dufresne

Tech did a good job on the install but could have cleaned up after himself better. He left all sorts of debris/old molding inside the car but overall did a good job.

Nayda Correa

I would have appreciated a return call to address my concerns, as I had been informed would happen. After Dave the technician installed the Mercedes Benz windshield I inspected the windshield and noticed the thin black lines for the antennae had small bends in several places. Upon asking Dave the technician if this was a defect within the windshield or what could have caused this occurrence, his stated response was “I don’t know.” I expressed to Dave the technician that David Graham the sales associate from SafePro Auto Glass/TFS Glass Company had left me a phone message on Friday 11/17/17 that they had received approval from Geico to install the Mercedes Benz windshield, it had been received, inspected and ready to be installed on Tuesday 11/22/17. I expressed to Dave the technician that if the windshield had been inspected on Friday the person inspecting should have noticed this flaw/defect immediately. On 11/22/17 I signed the work order since Dave the technician had completed his job. I then called David Graham to discuss this matter however, David had left for the day and I spoke with Raphael. Raphael expressed he would assist me and I expressed my concerns about what I considered to be a defect in quality of the Mercedes Benz windshield’s internal antenna. Raphael asked me to take a picture with my phone and forward it to him. I expressed that I did not have a smartphone to take a picture and send it to him. I mentioned to Raphael he can call and speak with Dave the technician who installed my windshield since I had pointed out my concerns to him. Raphael stated he would follow up with Dave the technician and would call me back however, I have not received that call back from Raphael.

Matthew Goddard

David was very quick to respond to a Yelp request for quotes. However, when I attempted to call back, I was unable to get past the answering message. Fortunately, David called to follow up and I was able to schedule the technician. The technician was on time, courteous, and did a good job.

Jeorgina Garcia

I had to call in as no one gave me a call when I requested a quote. Other then that the rep I talked to was very helpful. They were able to come out the same day and service my car. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to drive my car with the way my windshield was broken. So I had to wait around until a tech was able to come out to help me. Over all I would say the service was good can’t expect immediate service for unexpected situations but if it was I would have been one of the happiest customers.

Luke Boden

Windshield is great but I don’t appreciate stickers on the glass. I think you should ask the owners first before placing any advertising “Warranty” stickers. I went to remove it and spent 20 min scraping off what I would call industrial adhesive leaving a mess. I then went out and bought some Goo Gone to finish the job. I’m not happy that I had to such lengths to remove a sticker.

Katherine Martinez

The SafePro representative talked way too much and the phone process took too long.

Chevon Cook

Calling to set up appointment was great. Install was good. Given timeframe for arrival from 9am-1pm. Tech didn’t show up until 1:20pm. Other than being behind schedule the service was good.