Zobie Reichard

And talking on phone you were so kindly and not rude very helpfully and get on the ball getting things done excellent job

Latisha Parker

I was able to locate the name of the company thru an old claim thru State Farm from 2012/2013. I called to see if the window would be covered under warranty. Ed told me what my options were and together we got my insurance to agree to replace my windshield, as they were reluctant to do so. Ed Lopez stayed with me thru the hold times and transferring to different depts. his name is not listed in the drop down of listed associates

Elsa Gonzalez

it was absolutely wonderful… easy and worry free.

janine rohena

Overall it was good. They gave me one quote and was able to work with me. Very friendly and easy process.


it was elcellent , kirk hodges helped me out the whole process

Elfreda crochet

Kirk was very helpful and understanding to my needs to make sure the whole glass replacement was done immediately and correctly.