Tim Ward

From my first contact with Eddie Lopez (and another person who answered when the call was dropped) on Wednesday to the two technicians who showed up on time, my experience was excellent! You all can be very proud of your company. Over the years, I’ve worked in good places and bad, in private industry and government. As an employee, I’ve worked at places that were highly ethical and customer-oriented, and I’ve worked (always only briefly) for unethical employers and/or employers that simply had wrong priorities. My point is that a company that is not VERY good cannot keep the kind of employees that you have. And sooooo (drumroll please), if I happen to win the $100, I would ask that you give it to the two technicians who cheerfully and professionally installed my window under the blazing noonday sun. I wish that I knew their names. Please look up who they were. They’re better men than I am!