Wendy Weber

I had a great experience setting up the replacement for next week. Kirk was very professional and personable. I chose this company because it is a member of the North Phoenix Chamber of Commerce, as am I. I was unaware before I called that it is a preferred vendor for my insurance company. I appreciate dealing with the best and also, whenever possible, fellow chamber members.

One of the things I do, besides energetic healing for people, is write custom songs for occasions, events, businesses, and products. I would be open to writing a song for your company about my experience and how it made me feel. People pick up on that.

Sharon Boito

As always, Kirk Hodges was a pleasure to work with. Personable, quick, and efficient.

Tristahn Schaub

Dealt with Joseph on the phone. He met my needs and got things scheduled as I had requested.

Erin Gort

The service I experienced from the glass guys that came to my home to do the work was surprising. Overall, I am extremely disappointed with their lack of professionalism. There was black glue leftover on the paint of the brand new car, the windshield wipers were going when I turned my car on and caused fluid to spray on the new glass, and the glass was both dirty on the inside and outside but I couldn’t clean it because I was told it needed to cure for 2 days. Additionally, they threw their squeezed up tubes of black glue in my yard. I was shocked when I found them laying in the rocks. I am so let down by the lack of service and professionalism from this company or the employees who provided the work that I felt like I should let you know. Because of this, I doubt I will be referring anyone to SafePro or Safelite. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Adam Garday

This is my second time using SafePro this month and their service/product is amazing!

Alex Randel

Great experience and felt very comfortable through the process.

James Ismael

Paul was very helpful with the whole process. He was actually much more helpful than my insurance company was. I will definitely recommend them to other people.

Steve Greenamyer

Great service. This is the 2nd time using and I’m sure I’ll be back. Thanks.

Travis Honga

I noticed scuff marks on both fenders after the installation, but I can hopefully buff them out. I had the windshield replaced at my work so I was unable to inspect it after they finished and didn’t notice it until I got off work late last night.