Amber horner

Anthony was a go getter and very professional. I am very satisfied with my experience. You go Anthony!!

Aaron Gagleard

Annie was extremely helpful in scheduling my windshield replacement and also notifying me of my cash rebate I will be receiving. She was extremely nice and helpful. Also, Matias the installer was extremely professional and was very curteous and on time. He did a great job.

Johnny dorscht

Paul was great to work with and will be sending people to him very happy


Everything was great…don’t care for the “gift card” situation! What a pain it is to search all that stuff for a “discount” on goods and services…I’m sure most people just give up….if you are going to give an offer…just make it a straight up gift card to be used anywhere…the discountcoupon thing is annoying…..
BUT….VERY pleased with the windsheild and the service!!!

Mariacrystal Moreno

It was very easy, fast, and efficient. My service was completed within 24 hours; from the phone call, claim to the replacement.

john luna

The tech was great. .. he did the job right and very quick. . Im very satisfied.