Nayda Correa

I would have appreciated a return call to address my concerns, as I had been informed would happen. After Dave the technician installed the Mercedes Benz windshield I inspected the windshield and noticed the thin black lines for the antennae had small bends in several places. Upon asking Dave the technician if this was a defect within the windshield or what could have caused this occurrence, his stated response was “I don’t know.” I expressed to Dave the technician that David Graham the sales associate from SafePro Auto Glass/TFS Glass Company had left me a phone message on Friday 11/17/17 that they had received approval from Geico to install the Mercedes Benz windshield, it had been received, inspected and ready to be installed on Tuesday 11/22/17. I expressed to Dave the technician that if the windshield had been inspected on Friday the person inspecting should have noticed this flaw/defect immediately. On 11/22/17 I signed the work order since Dave the technician had completed his job. I then called David Graham to discuss this matter however, David had left for the day and I spoke with Raphael. Raphael expressed he would assist me and I expressed my concerns about what I considered to be a defect in quality of the Mercedes Benz windshield’s internal antenna. Raphael asked me to take a picture with my phone and forward it to him. I expressed that I did not have a smartphone to take a picture and send it to him. I mentioned to Raphael he can call and speak with Dave the technician who installed my windshield since I had pointed out my concerns to him. Raphael stated he would follow up with Dave the technician and would call me back however, I have not received that call back from Raphael.