James Keeling

So far–the service has been absolutely amazing. When I submitted for a quote/ticket on the website, I was called almost immediately (probably a matter of minutes). They asked what they could do for me, gathered all in the info I had to give them, and then told told me exactly what to expect from the initial phone call with the insurance company all the way through the windshield actually being replaced. They were fast, thorough, knowledgeable, and friendly. I felt like they take pride in doing good business.

I gave them a full day window to repair my car at work. When they called on the day that the windshield was getting replaced, it was first thing in the morning (I was finishing up my morning workout at the gym). Rather than go to the original address I gave them (my work address), they just came to my gym and replaced the windshield while I wrapped up my workout and got ready for work. Fantastic service!

So far, there the windshield replacement is looking awesome (no apparent air leaks or anything like that have been noticed). The technicians went a step further and showed me how where the plastic molding/stripping on my Kia Soul was warping (which is typical) and how to replace it myself in about 30 seconds a side.

Fantastic job. Very pleased with SafePro (especially if they don’t do what the fly-by-night companies do and call you ever two weeks after the replacement). Will absolutely stick with SafePro in the future as long as the quality of the service holds true and they continue to operate the way that they do.