Mary Flynn

I was having trouble finding location and before I could call Safepro the technician was on the phone to me. I was so impressed….that is good customer service

Angel Macias

Joseph was one of the better person I’ve delt with in a long time. His knowledge about the business was great . I would recommend anyone to go to Safepo for windshield replacement.

josh bishop

Joseph was very friendly and helped me throughout the entire process. He was knowledgeable about the product as well as the warranty info.

Steve Noell

My Daughter is staying at the Ronald McDonald House in Aurora Colorado taking her son to his post op outpatient care for the next six weeks for his liver transplant that he received just before his first birthday 4 weeks ago. Unfortunately her car was vandalized on the 23rd of June and her front windshield was broken and needed to be replaced.
Myself being located in New Orleans I had no local contacts to remedy this situation. I found your company online this morning and was my first call when you opened. A young man named Joseph Graham answered the phone and I will tell you that he is one of the many angels that walk amongst us.
Not only was there the logistics issue of trying to coordinate between three different states, my daughters phone had become sketchy at best when trying to receive calls, so all of the information was having to be done through Facebook Messenger.
Joseph was so on point and patient and attentive to our needs, that he is the text book example of restoring ones faith in humanity. He took on our situation and made it his own making sure that my daughter and grandson would be taken care of in the most efficient and timely manner. After about a half dozen phone calls and many hours throughout the day, we finally were able to get the logistics nailed down.
Your company should be extremely proud to have a man like Joseph Graham on your staff! He cares about his customers and at the end of the day it felt like we had known each other since childhood. My daughter and grandson have had so many hurdles to overcome since Myles liver transplant a month ago, Joseph took this hurdle and made it go away for them. As a father that couldn’t be there in person to take care of this challenge, it was comforting that Joseph went so far above and beyond what anyone would have expected.
Please pass this message of gratitude and thankfulness to his superiors so that they are fully aware of this amazing soul that was on the other end of the phone in my family’s time of need.
Thank you again!!!!
Steve Noell

Vicky James

They handled everything for me from the start, communication and service was far from excellent! Being that I had no experience in the process, Joseph was very helpful in the process, he was patient, understanding and funny. I would definitely recommend him as well as the company to everyone. Jesus and his partner we’re awesome as well. They did a great job. Even vacuumed the bits of shattered glass in the car. Keep up the great service guys!

John MvLaughlin

Joseph was the expert who helped me schedule my windshield replacement with AAA Insurance. The AAA line put him on hold for well over 20 minutes. He offered to call me back when he was able to make contact with a service person at AAA. He called me about 5 minutes later and worked with the AAA person who had a difficult time finding my insurance policy. The AAA person finally got her act together and Joseph took charge to close the deal. He was incredibly patient during the wait; he was as kind as an agent could be; and was personable. I will use your company again because of him.