Lindsay Schultz

I googled Safe Pro and called early one morning on my way to work. David answered and I told him that I had some huge chips in the glass and wanted a replacement. David actually took the time to explain everything in detail. He explained the warranty, the process and even the type and quality of the glass used. I was looking for an auto glass repair shop that would give me an incentive for using them. David looked up what I would get from them in incentives and truthfully other companies were most likely able to offer me a little more money to replace the glass. The thing is, other companies didn’t offer the quality or convenience of what David was offering. With David’s help the installation was processed and scheduled through my insurance while I drove to work with minimal effort from me. I was promised a time frame of 8am- 12pm on Thursday. The technician arrived on time and finished the install within 20 minutes. The technician was also courteous and needed no help from me. I literally did next to nothing to get my windshield replaced and STILL earned cash back plus a dining card. I really loved everything about this experience. I am very busy with work and don’t have the time to worry about minor repairs, nor do I have the time to wait around for people. Safe pro was awesome. Even their hold “music” was fun and enjoyable to listen too. I really would recommend anyone using Safe pro as it was so very convenient. Thank you!