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Yelp Review:

As I was driving my brand new car down the 202, the lovely car in front of me decided that my windshield looked it needed a “spark” to it, and that is how I got a quarter sized crack in my windshield. You see all these companies offering money back, and have to wonder how they are able to do this. After researching a little, I found out a lot of these companies that promise you ___ back no matter what select cheap sealants, windshields, etc. I also found an article saying how the windshield was extremely important incase of a vehicle rollover, and that article basically said to avoid companies giving you money to replace your windshield.

Well, being the poor college student I am I was sure I could find a company that used high quality products and could still give me some cash. I found SafePro through Angie’s List, they had great reviews on there and I noticed it said “up to” on their cash back amount. With the good reviews I called and asked all the questions an article I found said would tell you if this was a good glass company or not. After answering all those questions right (poor guy probably felt like he was being interviewed or secret shopped), he explained all the products their company used, and even how the cash back system worked (splitting the profit). While I did not get the $200 some companies offered, I got $50 and peace of mind.

Raphael was the reps name, he was very helpful, answered all my questions, and even helped me complete my insurance crap. They showed up on time and replaced the windshield, there was no mess, nothing missing, and everything back in it’s place down to the oil change sticker.

I kid you not, a little over a month later I was headed to Flagstaff and got ANOTHER crack in my windshield. Two cracks in a little over one month, and I’ve never had a cracked windshield before. Really weird, and I’m sure my insurance company was saying the same thing lol.

After my choice words and time to calm down I called SafePro again, and got Raphael again. He even remembered me, that’s how recent this was 🙁 anyways same great service and helping me with insurance. I ask him if I can pay extra for a reinforced windshield, if there even was such a thing. He told me about a product that I remember being offered when I bought the car for $100, and he didn’t even charge me half of that!

Lengthy review, but summary is Raphael and SafePro really go above and beyond to get you the best deal, and will bend over backwards to work with your schedule. I would recommend them to anyone needing their windshield replaced… maybe change the hold “music” though lol

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